Wrongfully locking up asylum seekers costs government millions


Some payments were for out-of-court settlements

12th February 2010: Wrongfully locking up asylum seekers in detention centres cost the government millions. A survey has, in fact, revealed that millions of pounds were paid in compensation.

The payments were made to immigrants held in detention centres, as they were suspected of not having a right to be in the UK. If they can prove they were wrongfully held, they can seek compensation.

A survey of five law firms has found out that over the last three years they secured payouts of at least £1.7million from the Home Office for just about 121 people. The total is expected to shoot up to more than £2million with the addition of recent high-profile cases. The figure does not include legal costs which could add millions more to the bill.

As of now, media reports suggest even the Home Office does not know the total amount that has been paid, as it does not collect the data centrally. Some of the payments were out-of-court settlements made without the Government admitting any guilt.

Reacting to the development, Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said all of this would not have happened, if the Government hadn’t so badly mismanaged the immigration system over the past decade. They can’t afford not to take tough action to bring the system under control.

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