’90 racial deaths in 18 years’ : IRR

Youngsters predominantly victim of such deaths

22nd April, 2011: Eighteen years have passed since Stephen Lawrence was murdered, incidents of racism still continue. Since Stephen’s murder in 1993, as many as 90 deaths linked to racism have been reported.

According to a report by Institute of Race Relations, young people are predominantly victims of such deaths, and over half the victims are under 30 years of age.

Stephen was murdered in a racially motivated attack in which his friend Duwayne Brooks was also injured.

Stephen’s death came at a time when a number of young people had met their death on the streets of the UK in areas that were infamous for their racism.

Even after 18 year, the level of racially motivated violence is still increasing despite the advances made following the inquiry into the murder of Stephen which was conducted by Sir William Macpherson.

Since Stephen’s murder at least 90 people have been killed in attacks with a racial nuance, with an average of five lethal attacks every year.

The Institute of Race Relations has recently been funded to carry out a three-year research project into the levels of racially motivated violence across the UK, and are collating information on the issue.

The IRR had earlier catalogued a roll call of death of the 77 asylum seekers and migrants who had died either in the UK or attempting to reach the UK in the past five years as a consequence of direct racism or indirect racism stemming from policies. These deaths do not include ‘settled’ black people.

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