‘Adam Walker is not a racist’

BNP activist-cum-teacher given clean chit


28th May 2010: Adam Walker is not a racist. The teacher-cum-BNP activist who described immigrants as "savage animals" in an online forum has been given a clean chit. Tribunal ruled his remarks could not be considered racist.

Accused of racial intolerance, Adam Walker was the first teacher to appear before the General Teaching Council (GTC). He allegedly used a school laptop to post comments on an online forum. He had allegedly claimed parts of Britain were a “dumping ground” for the Third World.

He had allegedly, used the pseudonym Corporal Fox to make the postings on the forum on Teessideonline.

A BNP candidate and president of Solidarity — a trade union with strong links to the far-Right party — he had claimed in one posting that the BNP was popular because it was the only party taking a stand and prepared to protect the rights of citizens against the savage animals

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