Asians more vulnerable to racist attacks

As many as 46 per cent victims of fatal racist attacks were Asians

26th April 2010:
The Asian community is more vulnerable to racist attacks, than the Black community — at least this is what the findings by the Institute of Race Relations suggest.

The report categorically says 46 per cent of fatal racists attack victims were Asian; and 26 per cent were Black. By and large the perpetrators, 94 per cent, were White British people.

In all, 89 people lost their lives in racial violence attacks in the UK since on 22 April 1993.

The research says 44 per cent of all those who died were from the Muslim community represented. This was, perhaps, because they work in the particularly risky trades.

If you an immigrant working alone, particularly during the night hours as taxi drivers, or are a worker in takeaway or small shop, be wary. The report says they are the people more at risk of an attack. Rather, it amount to 16 per cent of all deaths.

Also at risk are those not having settled immigration status, home or community. The category includes as asylum seekers, migrant workers and overseas students. They account for 20 per cent of all deaths.

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