BNP ditches membership to “indigenous Caucasians” rule

Anti-immigration party opens doors to black, Asian members

15th February 2010: Finally, the British National Party (BNP) is all set to open its doors to black and Asian members after ditching “membership-to-indigenous-Caucasians” rule.

The members voted to scrap the party’s whites-only rules at an extraordinary general meeting in Essex. The meeting follows court directives to the far-right party to comply with race relations laws. The court in March is now to decide whether the changes carried out by the BNP brings the anti-immigration party within the legislation.

The party just over a fortnight ago was given one last chance to scrap its “whites-only membership policy” or face a possible court injunction

Party leader Nick Griffin was told at Central London County Court that a new party constitution, complying with race relations laws, must be agreed upon at the extraordinary general meeting (EGM).

The order had come six months after Griffin had claimed an "all-white" Britain was not his party’s agenda and had denied BNP was fascist.

The BNP said the new party constitution has been passed with an overwhelming majority by the EGM “in a positive and unified spirit”.

Speaking at the meeting’s conclusion, Griffin said there had been five votes against and four abstentions, while the rest of the 300-strong gathering voted in favour.

“The meeting was dominated by a good spirit of unity, with everyone understanding that the party has to adapt for legal, financial and political necessity,” Griffin said.

“No-one is particularly happy about being denied the right of self-association, which is what the court order and law essentially enforces, but it is understood that the party has to put this behind us and get on with the serious business of saving Britain from the ravages of the establishment parties,” he said.

“Everyone knows that there are going to be a few ethnic members,” Griffin continued. “In fact, when I announced that I personally would welcome the brave Mr Rajinder Singh as a member in the light of his struggle against the Islamification of Britain, I was warmly applauded by the crowd.”

Griffin said the new constitution gave added protection to the BNP which would prevent anybody, no matter what their ethnic origin, from entering the party with the aim of causing trouble or subverting it.

“Although we object to the basis of the law which does away with our right to associate with those we choose, the new constitution follows the letter of the law and does away with what the Equalities and Human Rights Commission calls ‘direct discrimination’. We will see if this satisfies the ECHR, who have already made it clear that they think our policy will prevent people from joining.

“That is of course a nonsensical argument because all parties have policies that its opponents don’t like, which makes it impossible for example, for a BNP supporter to join the Tories or Labour.”

Griffin said the next step in the process was that the new constitution will be sent to the ECHR on Tuesday. The organisation has a week in which to make formal comment , after which the BNP has a week to review their comments and respond.

After that, a new court appearance in March should finalise the matter. Griffin added that it was clear the ECHR’s intention was to keep the BNP in the courts in an attempt to financially exhaust the party.

To prevent this from happening, the new constitution has also empowered the party leader with the right to revise any clause over which the ECHR might try and make an argument. “In this way we can quickly circumvent any drawn out legal processes and concentrate on fighting the election,” Griffin said.

A commission spokeswoman, on the other hand, said so far they had not seen what the changes were, but hoped the BNP’s revised membership policy was no longer discriminatory.

Dubbing it as “a meaningless gesture by the BNP”, a spokesman for anti-fascist group Searchlight said no one seriously believes that thousands of black and Asian Britons would now be queuing up to join Nick Griffin’s party. The BNP are as racist and extremist as ever.

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