BNP in `race-hatred’ row; party activist talks of shooting illegal immigrants

Cumbria shooter should have shot illegal immigrants in London: Charlotte Lewis


18th June 2010: Derrick Bird, who police say killed 12 and injured 11 people during a shooting rampage in west Cumbria should have shot some illegal immigrants in London — BNP activist Charlotte Lewis has kicked off a row by saying this.

Lewis, who stood as BNP parliamentary candidate for Carshalton and Wallington, Surrey, was fully conscious of what she was saying. The 37-year-old wrote on her Facebook page that she knew she could get in to trouble for saying this, but had to get it off her chest.

Anti-fascist organisation Searchlight reacted by demanding that Lewis to be charged with inciting racial hatred.

Spokesman Gerry Gable said in his opinion anybody advocating the murder of illegal immigrants should be prosecuted.

Lewis had asserted: “OK, so I may well get in to trouble for saying this but I’ve got to get it off my chest. I wish that Derrick Bird could have come down to London and shot dead some illegal immigrants rather than killing his fellow British people.

“If that offends you then tough, it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.”

The comment came at a time victims Kenneth Fishburn and Susan Hughes were buried.

Reacting to the assertion, a relative of the Bird family said the only sensible thing to say after the incident of this sort was it would have been better if Derrick had not killed anyone at all.

Describing it as totally insensitive, the relative said some of the victims were yet to be buried. But she was trying to score some a political point of sorts. The relative demanded her prosecution for race hatred.

Another victim’s friend insisted it was a disgusting thing to say; and trivialized a massive tragedy.

Lewis’ actions had earlier also led to indignation, after she dressed in a Muslim burka and posed for crude snaps as she held a bottle of booze. She had flashes her fishnet stockings, as she dresses in a burkha for a Halloween party.

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