Briton fined for abusing Indian-origin taxi driver

She pleads guilty to using threatening, abusive or insulting words

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18th August 2009: Racism continues.
Just over a fortnight after Indian women in the UK alleged racist sneers, a Briton has been fined for abusing Indian-origin taxi driver. She has been asked to pay 300 pounds in compensation; and has also been given a two-year conditional discharge. Another 85 pounds have to be paid as legal costs.
According to available information, the drunk British woman racially abused the taxi-driver in the east Midlands town of Leicester as he drove the couple home.
Giving details, the prosecuting lawyer, Kwok Wan, said the driver had picked Elaine Weston, 53, and her husband up from Countesthorpe. After the driver on her query said he was from India, she said they should go back there and stay there.
Describing herself as a racist, she blamed Asian immigrants for her son not getting a job, Wan asserted, adding Weston spat at the back of the driver’s neck and banged on the taxi when she was dropped off. The victim claimed in 22 years of taxi-driving he had never received such racist abuse.
It is believed Weston pleaded guilty in the Leicester Magistrates’ Court last week to using threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour to the unnamed driver on July 18.
Weston said she did not normally drink but had a large quantity of rum punch at a barbecue that night, but could not recall being in the taxi and was appalled to hear how she had behaved.
Only recently, a group of 66 Sikh women and children escaped a burning double-decker bus, but found themselves subjected to racial sneers.
The women and children, who were worshippers at a gurdwara in Luton, were travelling back from Weymouth, Hampshire, when the incident occurred in southern England.
The passengers were quickly evacuated from the burning bus after being asked to get off the vehicle by an alert off-duty police officer. Soon after they found their way to safety, the double-decker coach exploded in a fireball.
But much to their distress, they found themselves subjected to racist comments. One of the passengers Inderjeet Kaur told BBC TV that the evacuees were subjected to racist abuse by passing motorists, as they stood, waiting for a replacement coach, on the highway, wrapped in foil blankets.
The woman alleged the passersby were pointing at the passengers, asking them to go back to the burning bus. To make the matters worse, they were sticking their fingers out.
Elaborating, another passenger Inderjeet Buar asserted they had organised a day out to Weymouth and over 200 people were travelling on three coaches. Sensing the smell of burning rubber, they informed the driver and decided to drive to the next motorway services for a replacement, but passing cars flashed their lights, indicating that something was amiss.
They pulled over, and another driver, whom she believed was an off-duty policeman, ran on to the coach and got everyone off very quickly, she said.

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