Cameron for more minority candidates

Refuses to undo reforms on such candidates

15 February 2010: Conservative Party leader David Cameron is apparently in favour of more minority candidates. He has asserted the party was “not the same”; and he would not “undo reforms such as more minority candidates.”

The assertion comes soon after Cameron announced that “the lack of ethnic minority MPs was damaging for Parliament.”

According to the British National Party’s website, Cameron also announced his intention to increase the number of women MPs. The assertions came while Cameron was addressing Tory Scottish conference.

Elaborating, the BNP website said Cameron announced the party would not go back to the old Conservative Party and that he would not undo reforms such as more minority candidates.

Cameron has already spoken in favour of gay refugees from Africa. He is not averse to the idea of granting them asylum in the UK.

Gays are often sent back to countries with homophobic regimes and advised to keep their sexuality a secret to prevent attack from local police.

But in an interview with gay magazine Attitude at a time when political parties are gearing up for general elections, Cameron has suggested the rules should be changed to protect homosexuals fleeing maltreatment and harassment.

The Tory leader insisted homosexuals should be allowed to stay in Britain, if there was a possibility of their lives being put to danger upon return.

Cameron asserted he would take that extra step to stop rappers from crooning songs with homophobic lyrics in Britain; and insisted rappers inciting violence against gays through their songs too should be banned.

The Tory leader further insisted he would compel faith schools to preach there was nothing wrong with being gay. Cameron said he was not in favour of having a legislation to protect homosexuals, but called for lifting the ban on gays giving blood.

Cameron said he now thought they could look gay people in the eye and say you can back `us’ as `we’ support gay equality.


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