English Defence League (EDL) under fire by Sikh and Hindu organisations

Joint statement not only condemning the EDL, but any Sikh youth supporting it
4th February 2011: English Defence League (EDL) has come in the line of fire, with leaders of some of the largest Sikh and Hindu organisations condemning. Joining them in the condemnation are also Sikh students in the UK in the country.
They have inked a joint statement not only condemning the EDL, but any Sikh youth supporting it. People from various religious backgrounds have been asked to “strongly condemn the actions of these racist organizations”.

The EDL, in the statement, has been blamed for organising events across the country, in the process stirring up hatred, Islamophobia and racism.

The EDL has also been accused of provoking violent attacks on Muslim, black and Asian communities.

Two Members of Parliament from Asian background, as well as several councillors, have appended their signatures to the statement. These include Councillor Lakhbir Singh, former Mayor of Luton. He had suffered a vicious attack by a racist youth last year after some protests in Luton.

The other signatories include the largest Sikh temple outside India Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Southall and many other Sikh and Hindu temples in Southall, west London.
The statement has also been signed by a Sikh temple in Barking, east London, and the British Sikh Council (UK).

The statement says, “We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned by the rise in fascism, Islamophobia, anti-semitism and racism. The English Defence League (EDL) has organised events across the country, stirring up hatred, Islamophobia and racism – running riot in some cases and provoking violent attacks on Muslim, black and Asian communities and on Mosques and Mandirs (Hindu temples)”.

The statement adds: “They are using the old tactics of ‘divide and rule’ and are trying to divide the Asians by isolating the Muslim community. Furthermore, some misguided Sikh youth are letting themselves to be used by the EDL, while a Sikh man has disgracefully joined the BNP. These people are helping to spread mistrust within our communities and we whole heartedly condemn their actions”.

It goes on to say: “At a time of economic crisis with mass unemployment and impending deep public spending cuts – if the racists are allowed to make any further gains then we all would suffer from grave consequences. Thus, we urge all Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of other faiths to come together to strongly condemn the actions of these racist organizations and unite to turn back this tide of hatred”.

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