Evidence of racism is now in cyber space

A woman caught in camera indulging in racism at a foreigner

6th May 2011: Evidence of wide-spread racism is now in the cyber space. A woman has been caught in a camera flourishing what appears to be a knife, while letting loose a racist rage in Brentwood town centre. The clipping has found its way on the internet.
The footage of this incident has been made available to Essex Police by the Gazette.

The redheaded, tattooed, woman appears to be holding a sharp-looking object in her right hand, while indulging in an infuriated daylight row with a foreigner in the High Street.

The two-minute 21-second clip on YouTube shows the woman furious at the man, whom she believes is from Poland.

She is seen accusing the foreigner of taking away the jobs from British people and is clearly telling him to go back home, in a series of rude explosion.

Even as the man tries to explain he is from South Africa, the woman hurls a can of beer at him before yelling: "Is it because we’re English?"

The incident occurs as shoppers look on. Apparently trying to pacify the fuming woman, he is heard to say just calm down and he has not done anything to her.

His reaction, however, only infuriates the woman further as she threatens to attack him and what appears to be a knife surfaces.
The man can be seen protesting his innocence and saying he feels disgruntled about the situation, adding he is 27 and loves the English."

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