Fabricated attacks carried out by British tabloids against Romanian people

Ziarul Romanesc and Foreigners in UK condemn the fabricated attacks carried out by British tabloids against Romanian people 

For the last few months editors from such publications as The Sun and Daily Mail have constantly broken the boundaries of their imagination publishing xenophobic and detrimental articles about Romanians living in the UK. Their suspicions, which were presented as facts in several articles* about Romanians stealing metal, have not only proved ludicrous and biased, but also indirectly incite hatred. 

As journalists ourselves and members of the Romanian community and British society as well, we would like to remind the authors of such articles that "suspicions" of Romanian being responsible for metal theft have already been proved as proofless. 

Sunday Express has published an article** clearly indicating that no Romanian was accused or inquired in Great Britain for such crimes. Moreover, journalists from Sunday Express have shown that so far only British and Polish citizens were arrested for stealing metal. The Romanian Embassy in London has confirmed these facts.

Such being the case, the continuous ill-founded attacks only lead to unlawful discrimination against the entire Romanian community. Needless to say, we expect UK media representatives to know better than this. They might learn, when visiting the imaginary realms which provide them with story ideas, that common sense is no make believe. 


Ziarul Romanesc & ForeignersinUK


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