Glasgow City Council funding cuts will lead to increased racial tensions

Community groups fear cuts will severely limit services they can deliver 27th April 2011: Glasgow City Council funding cuts will lead to an increased racial tensions across the city, community groups have warned.
These groups have already been appreciated across the UK for their work on integration.

Among voluntary organisations facing approximately 55 per cent cuts in the coming year are the Kingsway Health and Wellbeing Centre in Scotstoun and LINKES Community Group in Knightswood.

It is apprehended that the cuts will severely limit the services they can deliver and will have a widespread impact on the communities they work with.

The two organisations work on integration projects between indigenous Scots, refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers.

Community Health and Development Coordinator for Kingsway Health and Wellbeing Centre Martin Coyle says this is an issue they would like to get on the schedule for the election.

Coyle adds they have made massive strides in integration since the late 1990s and hope the council realises the cuts are not viable. A sizeable number of indigenous Scots still believe asylum seekers are taking homes and services.

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