Hunger striking asylum seekers attacked

Racist thug attempts setting their tent afire

29th April 2011: For three hunger striking asylum seekers, the situation turned from bad to worse after a racist thug attempted to set their tent afire. The man has been apprehended and charged with arson and racially aggravated harassment.


The trio for the past three weeks the men have been sleeping outside Lunar House; and have been on a hunger strike to protest against refusal to be permitted to stay in the UK.

Undeterred by the fire incident, the trio have sworn to continue their struggle.

At the time of the incident, Mehran Meyari, 20, woke up to hear  someone on the street swearing. He was sleeping within the shelter beside the UK Border Agency headquarters, in Wellesley Road. He looked outside to see a man carrying a can of beer, shouting and screaming.

Meyari said he identified the man from the night before. Drunk, he had shouted at them. Rather, he had threatened he was going to come back with his friends.

Visibly angry, he even ripped all their posters in to pieces and attempted to burn the tent.

The attacker made good his escape after a member of the No Borders network called the police. The organisation aids failed asylum seekers.

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