Indian celebrity chef in soup for racism

“F” ingredient in conversation spoils taste

27th January 2010: Adding the “f” ingredient to the conversation has left a British celebrity chef in soup.

Simmering criticism is being noticed against the chef recognized for spilling the “f”-word over on televisions shows, after he showed "disrespectful" treatment to Indians.

In fact, Gordon Ramsay has been accused of being rude to Indian chefs during a recent series shot in India for Channel 4 network’s ‘Indian Winter’ season.

Apparently viewing it as an action in poor taste, over a 100 viewers have already registered their protest by lodging complains to Channel 4 on his behaviour on the three-part "Gordon’s Great Escape" shown last week, the Mail has reported.

Confirming the information, Channel 4 said it had received 116 complaints. The number was more than double the average they received for Ramsay’s regular show, ‘The F Word’. The channel, however, insisted it had warned viewers about the chef’s language.

Ramsay called an Indian guru "Father Christmas". This is not all. He time and again indulged in obscenities when speaking to locals for the series, directed at showing Ramsay learn how to cook ‘real Indian’ food.

Ramsay made fun of a guru’s belief in vegetarian food by saying when he first saw him he thought he was Father Christmas. “But I don’t dig all the stuff about the food. I respect carrots, fine, but they’re not living to keep us happy."

He told a tree climber in Kerala: ‘You little f*****, making me look like a t***.’

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