Justice for Polish racism victim

Assaulter faces jail
6th December 2010: A youngster belonging to St Budeaux is facing jail for an unprovoked attack on a Polish man at a nightclub in March.
Daryl Norman King was to initially face trial after denying the allegations of assault. He had taken the ground of self-defence. But, after discussions with his defence barrister William Higginson, he changed his plea to guilty.

Just 21, King of Dennis Close was already in custody for a bail breach and will now remain in prison until he is sentenced on December 23.

The court heard King gave a punch to the young Polish man in Jester’s nightclub in Union Street, Plymouth, on March 14. In the process, he caused a double fracture of the jaw, for which the victim was required to be operated upon.

His counsel Higginson, on the other hand, said King was only 20 at the time of the incident, there was just a single blow and the victim had not suffered permanent disfigurement.

After hearing the contentions, Judge Francis Gilbert QC ruled the injury was a significant one and had caused the victim considerable pain and discomfort for some time.

He told King this was a particularly nasty and unprovoked offence using violence against a man of similar age to you who happened to be Polish.

Judge Gilbert said the apparently was racially motivated since there seemed no other explanation for it.

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