London bus company in anti-white racism row

Accused of favouring ‘mixed race, Afro-Caribbean or Asian origin’

31st May 2010: If you think only the non-whites are subjected to discrimination, you are in for a surprise. A London bus company has been accused of racism, after it turned down a white woman’s candidature for passenger assistant’s job.

Call it racism, or attribute the incident to better performance by the non-white while handling such jobs, but the fact is Marion Ryan is upset over the developments.

Mother-of-four Ryan says she applied at the bus company, was categorically told the post was available only to people of ‘mixed race, Afro-Caribbean or Asian origin’.

Raising an accusing finger at the bus company, she has alleged initially she did not realise what the bus company people were saying, but later the realisation sank in that she could not carry out the task because of the colour of her skin.

Labeling the action as discrimination, she has asserted such practices should not be allowed and everybody should be given the right to try out for jobs.

Going into the background of the controversy, the 40-year-old says she visited Hackney Community Transport’s head office in east London. But their assertion that they were looking only for candidates of mixed race, Afro-Caribbean or Asian backgrounds left her angry and upset.

Ryan says she has never heard or seen anything like this before. The company did not deny the incident, but tried to justify the happening by saying she was mistakenly given false information that she was ineligible.

HCT spokesman Frank Villeneuve-Smith says they have been trying to get hold of her to say she is eligible and to apologise.


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