Northern Ireland: employers actively discriminating against migrant workers.

The Honorary Consul for Poland in Northern Ireland asserted some employers were actively differentiating against migrant workers.

Jerome Mullen said some companies believed they could take advantage of workers.

There are believed to be around 30,000 Polish people living in Northern Ireland.

As per a report in the BBC the Consul asserted the companies took benefit because they believed the migrants did not fully know their rights.

He said, "I've had to deal with quite a number of cases in the past 12 months, of people, who have lost their jobs unfairly and where tribunal cases will be taking place.”

The Consul further asserted that there was a perception with some employers that they could do what they wanted to do with migrant workers. These employers believed that the migrants were not aware of their rights.

Jonathan Guest, managing director at MJM Marine, a company which specialises in fitting-out cruise ships, said "As many as 60 percent of our workforce would be Polish".

He added, "We are massively dependent on our Polish people. They have the right work ethic and work attitude to take our business to where it needs to go."

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