Now you can speak out against racism, deportations

Rally, meeting scheduled to be held on 14 November

11th November 2009:
The supporters of asylum seekers and migrant workers are all set to oppose racism and deportations through music, chants and even literature.

They are organizing a rally against racism and deportations, and in support of asylum seekers and migrant workers, on Saturday 14 November 2009 between 12 and 3pm next to Brixton tube station, Brixton, London SW9 8HE.

The rally is being organised by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! And, all are welcome. The participants can bring in speeches, music, chants and literature. For more information, they can call up at: 020 7837 1688 or email at [email protected]

A meeting is also being organised to inform the debate on immigration and to look for ways to campaign on asylum and immigration in the forthcoming election. It is scheduled to be held on Saturday 14 November 2009, between 10.30 and 1.30pm at Friends’ Meeting House, 40 Bull Street, Birmingham B4 6AF.

The speakers are Bridget Anderson – academic, campaigner and author; Sue Conlan – immigration lawyer, secretary of Peace & Progress and author; and Frances Webber – former human rights lawyer, political activist and author.

The meeting has been called by Peace & Progress. For inquires and further information, you can email at [email protected]

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