Off stage reality of entertainment industry: racial abuse

Associated with theatre, twp men allege racism  
15th November 2010: A writer-cum-actor has alleged he had to face swearing, threats and racial abuse for his Irish ancestry.
Leon Donnelly has alleged some of his former colleagues at the New London theatre would come into work drunk; and his complains were met with swearing, threats and racial abuse. The theatre was until recently owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Donnelly, a stagehand behind the scenes on War Horse, is currently following a case for `wrongful dismissal’.

Donnelly has claimed he and others were weighed down by mystery "accidents", including hammers dropped from platforms above the stage. Quoting an incident, Donnelly claimed he had a narrow escape from serious injury after a full-size replica of First World War tank was dropped "intentionally" on his legs.

Donnelly is not alone. Another former stagehand Carlos Cruz claimed he was mocked at because of his nationality.

Cruz, who left the UK, quoting an incident said even his mountain bike was used to mock at him. He was told the bike was "a bit gay" because of its pink lock. One night, he found it plastered with pink stickers.

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