Peterborough witnesses 600 reports of hate crime in a year

Out of the total, 170 took place in schools

17th August 2010: Peterborough witnessed 600 reports of hate crime in past year. Out of the total, 170 took place in schools.
And the targets are the new arrivals, says anti-racism campaigners in Peterborough

The hate crime includes verbal abuse, and even hurling of eggs at houses and car being vandalised on several occasions.

The sordid reality surfaced as BBC Look East examined the issues encompassing immigration and migrant workers in the East of England.

Director of Peterborough Racial Equality Council Mahebub Ladha said there was no doubts in his mind that race relations in Peterborough were not as good as they were even 10 years ago.

The council said the phenomenon could be attributed to negative publicity on migrant workers and increased pressure on essential services.

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