Polish shop in Bristol under racist attacks

Police apparently going slow on the culprits
10 December 2009. A Polish shop in Bristol at Gilda Parade has been twice a target of racist attacks.

The webste reported that on 12 November two men spilt foul-smelling substance inside the shop.

Although that incident was reported to the police, it was treated as trivial; no further steps were undertaken by the officers.

The second attack took place on 24 November, when the thugs threw into the shop bottles containing probably butanoic acid dissolved in vinegar. The shop was damaged and forced to close down.

The police and the fire brigade arrived at the scene three minutes after the incident had been reported. The staff members were given basic medical help and decontaminated.

‘We are certain these have been racist attacks’, the victims said. They also confirmed one of the attackers was English and he has been arrested.

by Monika Rudzińska
The Polish Observer

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