Race-swap blunder leaves Microsoft apologetic

The website of its Polish business unit had replaced the black worker’s head with that of a white

Tags: Racism, Microsoft, Polish business unit

28th August 2009: Software giant Microsoft has logged on to a programme of apology. It has apologised for replacing a black man’s head with that of a white, while editing a promotional image of employees sitting around a desk.
The snapshot was carried unchanged on Microsoft’s US website. The image showed three employees around a meeting table, a white woman, and two other men, a black and an Asian.
But the website of its Polish business unit replaced the black worker’s head with super-imposed face of a white man, while the colour of his hands remained unchanged.
Bombarded with criticism of making attempts to please all markets by having a man with both a white face and a black hand, Microsoft said it had taken down the image, which began circulating online since Tuesday. The organisation also assured of proper investigation into who made the changes, while apologising for the gaffe.
In a statement, a Microsoft spokesman said they were looking into the details of the situation, and apologised while assuring they were in the process of pulling down the image.
The doctored image was then removed and replaced with the original.

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