Racially prejudiced group attacks cafe at Basildon’s main bus station

Turkish owner had thrown the group out for making racist remarks

7th March 2011: Racism continues; and this time the victim is a Turkish owner of a café who threw out a group making racist remarks.

Armed with iron bars, the perpetuators of violence attacked the cafe at Basildon’s main bus station.

The customers were inside Cosmos cafe in South Walk were left terrified and shuddering, as the outlaws shattered the windowpanes in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The café was targeted after the racist group, thrown out by 38-year-old owner Osman Keskin, returned with metal bars from the cafe’s kitchen.

As of now two men have been taken to Basildon Hospital, one with a broken arm and the other with a bruised back. Another youngster working his first trial shift in the kitchen suffered a broken nose.

Co-owner Denise Keskin claimed the attackers rushed in like a pack of wolves and broke at least four glass panels.

This was the second time the cafe was compelled to replace windowpanes this year. Earlier, a glass panel was smashed in January by a customer.

Keskin said he made an attempt to close the shutters during the latest attack, but the electric mechanism did not function as the attackers were holding them open.

A police spokesman said five people were arrested on suspicion of affray. Two were later released without charge, but three men, aged 30, 32 and 34, and all from Basildon, were bailed until April 3 pending further enquiries.

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