Racist acts in London

Anti-Polish graffiti raise fears that immigrants are being blamed for the credit crunch. 29 October 2008. Racist graffiti can be seen close to Tottenham’s White Hart Lane station. The "Poles Out" graffiti come after a series of racist acts in London. During the last weeks, eight cars had racist graffiti scratched into their paintwork, a Turkish bank had its windows smashed and was painted with what is thought to be the initials of a Kurdish terrorist group.

Justin Hinchcliffe, chairman of Tottenham Conservatives, spotted the "Poles Out" graffiti last week on a sign at Wedge Roofing Centres, White Hart Lane. A lot of its business is conducted with Polish and east European workers, said depot manager Paul Reddy, who branded the graffiti as "mindless" and said the firm was about to install a high definition CCTV system that may catch future vandals.

Mr Hinchcliffe said: "Without the Polish workers our economy would be in even worse shape. It just goes to show, when you have economic difficulties as we currently have, immigrants can unfortunately get blamed.(…) I think this is a very worrying trend."

Student Mahad Omar, 19, of nearby Headcorn Road, said: "They keep cleaning it off but someone keeps putting it back on. Here in Tottenham there is a lot of different communities. If they have got something against people like that maybe they should do something about it in legal ways rather than doing it in public places."

Polish-born screenprinter Marek Specht, 28, of Beaufoy Road, Tottenham, said: "I spotted it a couple of months ago. But I have been here for four years and have never been abused. It is the same in Poland with skinheads – they don’t like immigrants. African students have a hard time in Poland; everywhere is the same.

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