Racist attack at Islamic centre leaves behind damaged cars, one slightly wounded

Six men shout racial abuse, throw bricks, as they reach Redbridge Islamic Centre
29th March 2011: In yet another incident of alleged racism, six men not only shouted racial abuse, but also threw bricks, as they reached Redbridge Islamic Centre in Eastern Avenue in Gants Hill.
They also caused damaged to the parked vehicles, and left one person with a minor head injury. All the six were arrested by the police and remain in custody at Ilford Police Station.

The incident took place at around 7.45pm on March 24, just as the evening prayers were about to commence. At the time of the incident, a number of worshippers had already entered the mosque, while some were still outside the building.

As the men reached the mosque, they hurled racial abuse and broke glass in the front doors by throwing bricks at the building.

Soon after the incident, Chief Inspector Stan Greatrick, of Redbridge police issued an appeal to anyone “who was in the Eastern Avenue area and saw the group of males” to contact them.
He said they have spoken to a number of people in the area and continue to liaise closely with members of the Redbridge Mosque.

Greatrick added have already secured additional patrols for Eastern Avenue and would like to reassure the local community and those who worship at the Redbridge Mosque, that they are treating this case extremely seriously.


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