Racist frenzy against foreigners and blacks goes viral on YouTube

The racist frenzy of a 34-year-old mother holding a toddler in her arms on a crowded number 3 tram from New Addington to Wimbledon last Sunday was filmed and posted on YouTube, attracting almost 5 million and a half views in three days.

The video, titled "My tram experience," packed with verbal abuse, is driving social networks wild. Major news websites papers closed their comments section while forumers have gone crazy.

The film begins with the woman cursing aloud, with a child in her arms: "What has this British country come to? A load of black people, a load of  f***ing Polish … " and carries on with a long stream of abuse towards passengers. "None of you are f***ing English,  get back to your own f***ing country" she rants, accusing immigrants of destroying "her Britain".

She is altered further when a passenger askes her to moderate her language in front of children and points out that without immigrants "you would not have people to work." "Are you British?" she yells and when she gets yes as an answer, the woman calls back "you're not British, you're black."

While the video becomes viral (it has already been viewed almost 5.5 million times since being posted on Sun day), the story's outcome is much less virtual. The British Transport Police arrested the woman on Tuesday: Emma West from New Addington now faces conviction for "racially aggravated public order offence ."

West did not enter a plea to the charge, and has been kept in custody while psychiatric reports are prepared.

Croydon Magistrates' Court heard yesterday that West has been suffering from depression since she was 18, receiving treatment at facilities in Purley and West Croydon.

She is due to appear before Croydon Magistrates' Court again on December 6.

Police have in the meantime asked YouTube to remove the video.



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