Racist thugs target Sikh summer camp of 125 children

Camp is currently being held at Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College in Chigwell
10th August 2011: A Sikh summer camp of 125 children in Chigwell has been attacked by racists thugs.
The camp for 7+ children, currently being held at the Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College in Chigwell, Essex, was attacked by five racist thugs.

Believed to be from a nearby estate, they walked into Khalsa College, resulting in significant hubbub.

As one of the Singh approached them to inquire what they wanted, he was attacked by the thugs before they were thrown out of the College premises by a group of camp `sewadars’ or voluntary workers.

But this was not the end. Just outside the college, a fight broke out on the road. The situation was brought under control by a passerby, claiming himself to be an off-duty policeman. He drove the racist thugs off.

Undeterred, the thugs returned an hour later in a larger number of 20. Armed with baseball bats and blocks of wood, they verbally abused a group of Sikh children from the camp.

At the time of the incident, they were out on a nature walk. The thugs then managed to find their way into the college before damaging the car of one of the elder sewadars by jumping on his bumper and bonnet.

Eventually, the Police arrived at the scene and arrested two of the thugs, even as the remaining showed determination to carry on.

For diffusing the situation, more Police intervened. But leaving nothing to chance, approximately  50 local Sikhs turned up at night to provide security to the kids’ camp.

Apprehending the return of the racist thugs in larger numbers, it was decided to maintain a strong level of security at the college as the camp continues till Sunday.

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