Remarks on immigrants land Croydon Central’s BNP candidate in trouble

His comments are being seen as a reflection of BNP attitude of judging people by skin colour

17th July 2009: Croydon Central’s BNP candidate is in trouble for remarks on immigrants living among "civilised whites", in response to a Tory questionnaire. His angry outburst on “violent immigrants" in New Addington is being looked into by his own party.

It is believed Clifford Le May encouraged the residents to raise concerns with London Mayor Boris Johnson by writing: "Stop ruining our community by stuffing New Addington with violent immigrants, who have no right to live among decent civilised white people."

His comments are being seen as a reflection of BNP attitude of judging people not by their actions, but by the colour of their skin.

In the questionnaire, he has also referred to his Tory rival for the Croydon Central seat, Gavin Barwell, as a "traitor to his race and nation".

Le May admitted the words were written in "anger", but has so far refused to retract. Asserting he is not a racist, but a British patriot," Le may says his 15-year-old daughter Eve was "pepper sprayed and attacked" by a West Indian immigrant in 2007. His mother Marie too was punched in the face by two black men at Bayswater station some 20 years ago.

Besides this, he says his grandmother was mugged by a gang of young black men, leaving her with a broken hip, resulting in her death during surgery.

BNP press spokesman Simon Darby says the inquiry is on; and the result will be reported to him in due course. Darby adds while he agrees with the sentiments, Le may could have put it a bit more politely, and should have toned down his language more.

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