Show Racism the Red Card 2008

Show Racism the Red Card’s 5th annual Fortnight of Action takes place from October 16 – 30, 2008. This period of concerted action encourages participation from all sections of Scotland’s communities to celebrate diversity and tackle racism.

Last year’s series of events was a great success with over 500 actions involving minority ethnic groups, community organisations, all 42 professional clubs, football fans, schools and young people nationwide. All ties in the 2nd round of the Scottish Cup on the 27th of October were involved, this expanded participation by a further 22 clubs and included a large number of teams from the East of Scotland League, the Highland League and the Stagecoach Super League.

The SWPL joined with us for the first time and the West of Scotland Youth League supported the Weekend.

This October, we hope to build on the success of previous years and once again expand the number and quality of anti-racist projects taking place during the Fortnight.

Since SRTRC set up office in Scotland in October 2003, there has been a marked decrease in the number of racist incidents at football stadia. However, racist and discriminatory incidents, and excluding practices, remain a problem in both professional and grassroots football. In society, racism is sadly still on the rise.

At the end of March 2007, the Scottish Executive published a bulletin, which showed that the total number of incidents recorded by the Police in Scotland rose by 13 per cent from 4,536 in 2004/05 to 5,124 in 2005/06. These statistics indicate that there are on average 14 recorded racist incidents every day.

The Commission for Racial Equality estimate the true number to be five times this figure. Irresponsible groups and media outlets continue to encourage racism against citizens from minority faiths, travellers, immigrants from EU-accession countries, and refugees and asylum-seekers. This year’s SRTRC Fortnight of Action provides a timely focal point for all those who are committed to challenging racism and discrimination in Scotland.

Check for more information and photos from the events taking place as part of the Fortnight of Action.

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