Teacher in dock for calling immigrants `filth’

The teacher, with BNP links, appears before GTC


25th May 2010: A butt of criticism for its anti-immigration stand, the British National Party is again finding itself amidst another controversy. A disciplinary panel has been told that a prominent party member described immigrants as “savage animals” and “filth”, while working as a technology teacher.


Accused of racial intolerance, Adam Walker is the first teacher to appear before the General Teaching Council (GTC). He allegedly used a school laptop to post comments on an online forum. He had allegedly claimed parts of Britain were a “dumping ground” for the Third World.


He allegedly, used the pseudonym Corporal Fox to make the postings on the forum on Teessideonline. Walker faces the chances of being struck off the teaching register, if the panel finds him guilty of unacceptable professional conduct


A BNP candidate and president of Solidarity — a trade union with strong links to the far-Right party — he had claimed in one posting that the BNP was popular because it was the only party taking a stand and prepared to protect the rights of citizens against the savage animals


In another posting, he allegedly by following recent media coverage of illegal animals and how they are allowed to stay here despite committing heinous crimes, he was  to say the very least disgusted.


The GTC presenting officer, Bradley Albuery, was apparently of the view that postings demonstrated views suggestive of both racial and religious intolerance and constituted unacceptable professional conduct.


He said it was a case about the actions and behaviour of a registered teacher, using school property on school premises in school time.


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