Teenager’s admission of guilt brings out ugly face of racism in UK

He hurled racial abuses, stamped on a 71-year-old’s head for 10 minutes 21st September 2011: A teenager’s admission of guilt has brought out the ugly face of racism in the UK.
It may send shock waves, but it is emerging that the teenager hurled racial abuses as he kicked and stamped on a 71-year-old’s head for 10 minutes.

The victim, suffering from a stroke, sustained severe facial injuries as a result of the unprovoked attack in the early hours.

Described as a pillar of the community and well-known in the Kilmarnock area, two other members of the mosque found the victim found lying in a pool of blood before he was taken by ambulance to Crosshouse Hospital.

The victim was found to have sustained severe facial fractures and swelling, but had no fractures to his skull.

To make the matters worse, the assaulter subsequently sent an appalling text talking about his horrifying actions.

Iona McDonald has deferred the sentence until next month, awaiting a social work report and Children’s Panel’s advise. She told the teen: “You have pleaded guilty to a serious assault. It is nothing short of appalling.”

The incident has also brought to fore the undeserving hatred and uncalled for feeling of racism in children as young as 16.   

The sordid tale unfolded itself at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Monday. The 16-year-old pleaded guilty to carrying out the nasty attack outside the Ayrshire Central Mosque in July.

Allan Kerr, defending, told Sheriff McDonald she would require to obtain reports before sentencing the teenager. The boy was just 16 and subject to supervision of the Children’s Panel.

Nancy Beresford, prosecuting, said the incident took place after the former Crosshouse shopkeeper went to the mosque in Hill Street, Kilmarnock to prepare for Friday prayers at around 1.40am.

The victim, clad in white robes, noticed a male and two females, along with young children standing in the street with another group of females nearby as he approached the door.

It was then the 16-year-old came forward and started hurling abuses, including “Paki bastard”.

The grandfather was in the chest. Even as he fell to the ground, the teenager continued the assault, while still shouting abuse.

Beresford said he became unconscious as a result of the attack. He was not aware of anything further until he woke up later in hospital. Two people watching from a flat in Hill Street witnessed the scene.

Their attention was attracted by shouting. They saw a figure lying on the ground and noticed the male attacker was kicking and stamping on the prostrate man’s head. This continued for what they thought was about 10 minutes before the attacker ran off into Witch Road.

Beresford said police received a number of anonymous calls naming the attacker as a result of media reports. CCTV evidence also showed he had been in the area at the time of the assault.

The footage from cameras at the Diageo plant in Hill Street showed a male matching his description walking towards the mosque with two girls.

Beresford said the police was able to identify and trace one of the females and she named the accused.

Beresford said she described him punching him, knocking him to the ground and kicking and stamping on him several times.

A further witness had received a text message from him in the early hours stating: ‘I have just left a Paki in a puddle of blood’.”

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