This time an Indian restaurant targeted by racists

Attack on an Indian restaurant in Cornwall 8th March 2011: Soon after racially prejudiced group attacked a café at Basildon’s main bus station, reports of another attack on an Indian restaurant in Cornwall have surfaced.
The police believe the attack on staff quarters at the restaurant on Saturday was racially motivated.

As per the reports, the racist youngsters were hurling abuses as they kicked owner Millat Hossin’s front door and smashed a windowpane.

At the time of the incident, six persons were in a slumber, when youths attacked the property. A group of about seven to 10 youths are believed to have been involved in the attack.

Describing it as "deplorable" incident, Devon and Cornwall Police said it was being treated as racially-aggravated criminal damage.

No one was injured in the attack at Annapurna restaurant in Castle Street. Dubbing it was "very frightening", the 26-year-old owner told BBC News it was not the first time he and other members of his Bangladeshi staff were targeted. Such a thing was taking place for a long time, but was only getting worse.

Claiming that the matter was being treated very seriously, Sgt Stan Port said he wanted to send out a strong message that race crimes would not be tolerated.

He added they don’t want anyone to get hurt by any form of violence or any act against them just because of their actual origin or belief.
Only recently, a Turkish owner of a café who threw out a group making racist remarks was under attack.

Armed with iron bars, the perpetuators of violence attacked the cafe at Basildon’s main bus station.

The customers were inside Cosmos cafe in South Walk were left terrified and shuddering, as the outlaws shattered the windowpanes in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The café was targeted after the racist group, thrown out by 38-year-old owner Osman Keskin, returned with metal bars from the cafe’s kitchen.

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