Unable to steer clear from racism, cabbie attacked by two thugs

The victim of racist attack is a Portsmouth taxi driver

16th March 2011: Racism continues. And, the latest victim of racist attack is a Portsmouth taxi driver. He has allegedly been abused and beaten up by racist thugs.

Two of them not just racially abused and assaulted the driver, but nearly resulted in a crash as the 40-year-old cabbie was driving.

He collected two passengers from the KFC car park in Fratton Way. The duo started hurling racist abuse at him, just as the cabbie drove towards the roundabout at the junction of Fratton Way and Goldsmith Avenue, in Southsea.

To make the matters worse, one pulled the taxi’s handbrake even as the vehicle was moving. The action almost resulted in a collision with a car travelling behind.

The driver was assaulted as he pulled up on to a nearby kerb in Fratton Way before being chased by the two. Fortunately for the cabbie, he managed to get away.

Both the offenders are white in their late 20s and around 5ft 9in tall. One of them has been described as stocky wearing a grey jumper and blue jeans. The other is being described as overweight in a white and green horizontal-striped rugby shirt. The search is on.

Only recently, the Institute of Race Relations had ‘exposed the reach of racial violence that continues to spread across the county’.
Random street attacks by gangs of youths; attacks on workers in isolated jobs, such as taxi drivers, takeaway and restaurant owners, and railway staff; alcohol-fuelled racist abuse; arson attacks and cases of graffiti and vandalism — all figure in a list of `some of the most serious cases of abuse and physical violence’ between January and June 2010.

Attacks on Muslims and vandalism in and around mosques also feature highly on the list.


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