`Woolas has no future as Labour MP’: Harriet Harman

Court ruling strips Woolas of his seat, imposed 3 years bars from politics

8th November 2010: Just about two months after former immigration minister Phil Woolas and his campaign team was accused of making attempts to stir up racial and religious divisions, deputy leader Harriet Harman has suggested Woolas has no future as a Labour MP.

The assertion came as a court ruling stripped him of his seat and barred him from politics for three years. Reacting to the developments, Harman said Woolas has no future as a Labour MP, even if he succeeds in overturning the court ruling.

As of now it is clear that a disciplinary process would follow the separate decision to suspend Woolas from the Labour Party.

Harman said he made false statements about his opponent in the general election. The fact would not change and that is what they were taking action on.

Harman added it was not part of Labour’s politics for somebody to be telling lies to get themselves elected.

The court was earlier told Woolas and his team made attempts to stir up racial and religious divisions in a desperate attempt to change the election result.

The court was told they set out to stir up the white Sun vote against Liberal Democrat candidate Elwyn Watkins.

He had thrown a legal challenge to the General Election result in Oldham East and Saddleworth. Woolas emerged victorious by a margin of just 103 votes, following two recounts.

It was alleged Woolas and others decided to begin making the white folk angry. For the purpose, they depicted an alleged campaign by the Muslims to "take Phil out".

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