241,000 granted settlement in 2010

Just about 11,388 left the country
26th August 2011: Nothing less than 241,000 people were granted settlement in 2010, creating records of sorts.
Statistically speaking, the UK also turned favourable towards illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers. The number of such persons removed from the country hit a 10-year low.

In fact, just about 11,388 left the country between April and June this year, the lowest quarterly figure since such data became available in 2001. Estimates suggest, 266,000 asylum seekers stay in Britain illegally.

Just about one in four of the 660,000 decisions made on asylum claims between 1997 and 2010 actually saw the removal of the applicant.

Even as the net flow of Eastern European migrants rose by almost eight-fold, the asylum claims went up by nine per cent to 4,800 compared with the same quarter the previous year.

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