385,000 visas to immigrants declined last year

UK has declined 385,000 visas to immigrants last year. Besides this as many as 27,000 fake documents were discovered. This was revealed by Immigration Minister Damian Green while announcing new selective immigration policy.


He added the government was currently stopping 1,000 people getting on a UK-bound plane each month. Already the government has made it clear earlier that employers will be able to bring just 20,700 people from outside the EU for working as skilled professions under Tier Two of the system.

Another 1,000 visas will also be available to the exceptionally talented for keeping the doors open to the brightest and the best. These visas were for those, who according to the experts will make biggest contribution to science and the arts in the UK.

The permission to stay in the UK will initially be granted to them for three years and four months. But, they will be able to extend their stay for a further two years, and to settle here after five years' residence in the UK.

It is for talented migrants already recognised or have the potential to be recognised as leaders in the fields of science, arts and humanities. Last year the government had also asserted that bright foreign students with brighter ideas will find UK doors open.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May had also recently stated that alongside the stricter rules, they will ensure that innovative student entrepreneurs who were creating wealth were able to stay in the UK to pursue their ideas.

With the imposition of the cap, it was also clear that intra-company transfers deployed by firms to bring their own people into the UK for more than a year for carrying out specific jobs will not be included in the cap.

The government has already made it clear that the intra-company transfer route is all set to be changed in three ways.

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