4,000 immigrants arrive to Britain each day

4,000 temporary migrants arrive in Britain every day and those who stay to work have increased by more than a quarter.

The number of short-term migrants here at any one time has also shot up to nearly 300,000. A short-term migrant is one staying for less than 12 months.

A total of 1,437,000 migrants arrived and stayed for less than a year in the 12 months to June 2006, the Office for National Statistics revealed. It means 3,937 people arriving each day and a 15% rise on the year before. It was also a 28% increase on 2004, showing the impact EU expansion to Eastern Europe had on in-flows of temporary migrants to Britain. Around 64,000 were here for work – a rise of 28 per cent. Some 54,000 were studying while the remainder were temporarily resident for “other” reasons such as holidays or family visits.

At the same time, Britons are leaving at a higher rate. Some 2,519,000 Britons or long-term immigrants left for up to 12 months in the year to June 2006. Some 79,000 were for work and 28,000 for study with the rest for “other” reasons – long holidays or family visits. At any one time during the period up to 454,000 Britons were out of the country on a temporary basis.

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