49,000 people from outside EU find their way into UK

UK continues to be lucrative for migrants, their families 10th May 2011: The UK continues to be lucrative for the migrants and their families.
Nothing less than 49,000 people from outside the EU found their way into the UK as family of migrants the previous year.

Already, it is clear that the Midlands are turning out to be the greener pastures for the immigrants.

In just about three months, as many as 20,000 new jobs in the Midlands went to them.

The ones to take up the job opportunities include residents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Even Indian-born workers managed to grab the jobs, while workers from African, Pakistani and Bangladeshi were not so much in the fore front.
Out of the 20,000 new positions, nothing less than 15,000 went to people born in new European Union member states. These include Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. USA employees increased slightly to 5,000.

The number of Indian-born workers taking new jobs also registered a rise by 5,000. But, total for African, Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers fell by 11,000.
The jobless, on the other hand, increased by 48,000 between July and November 2010. As a result, the total number of unemployed in the region to 264,000.


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