90 % flights from outside EU, 55 % journeys to and from UK screened

Criminals just cannot escape from the UK. With advance passenger screening in place, more than 90 per cent of flights from outside the EU and up to 55 per cent of all journeys to and from the UK are screened.


As a result of advance passenger screening introduced in 2005, more than 10,000 criminals, including murderers, rapists and illegal immigrants, have been arrested at UK borders, Immigration Minister Damian Green has claimed.

Statistically speaking, an average of 52 arrests per week are made at ports and airports across the country for an array of crimes, immigration and customs offences.

As a part of the system, passenger and crew details are submitted electronically by air carriers and operators of boats due to arrive in or depart the UK.

Green said: "The Government is doing more than ever before to protect the UK's border. By checking passenger and crew information before travel, law enforcement agencies can apprehend those trying to evade justice.

"From 2013 the new dedicated Border Policing Command, part of the National Crime Agency, will further strengthen security at the border, providing leadership and co-ordination based on a single national threat assessment and strategy."

An example of the e-Borders system working successfully is provided by recent arrest of a 44-year-old man travelling through Manchester Airport from Switzerland. He was taken in to custody and charged with sexual grooming following an alert from Swiss authorities suggesting he may be flying in to commit a sexual offence with a boy under 16.

This is not all. A man wanted for a rape committed some 14 years back also landed himself in the legal net as he was en route to Cairo.

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