Australia’s biggest source of permanent migrants is the UK, report

As many as 30,590 permanent migrants in year ended June 30 are from the UK

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2nd September 2009
: An inward migration to the UK is being matched by an outward flow to Australia.
Australia’s permanent migration report reveals maximum permanent migrants to the country are from the United Kingdom, followed by India and China.
Statistically speaking, there are as many as 30,590 permanent migrants from the UK in year ended June 30. The figure registered an increase from 28,029 the previous year.
The figures also reveal 25,042 permanent migrants or 14.6 per cent of the total come from India, while 21,831 or 12.7 per cent from China made Australia their home.
The biggest group of permanent settlers comes from New Zealanders, with over 47,000 Kiwis staying back permanently.
Back home, statistics reveal net migration into Britain in 2008 fell to its lowest since 2004, when the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia joined the European Union.
The net migration dipped from 209,000 in 2007 to 118,000 in 2008.
Responding to the figures, Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas only recently said: ‘The fall in net-migration is further proof that migrants come to the UK for short periods of time, work, contribute to the economy and then return home. Our new flexible points based system gives us greater control on those coming to work or study from outside Europe, ensuring that only those that Britain need can come’.

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