Britain to have biggest population in Europe by 2050

174,000 immigrants to enter the country each year between 2009 and 2050 12th March 2009: By 2050, UK could become the largest country in the European Union, UN projections suggest. The report report predicts that there will be net immigration of 174,000 a year up to 2050, swelling the population to 72 million.

The largest number of migrants (1.1m a year between 2010 and 2050) would go to the US, followed by Canada (214,000 a year).
According to the UN predictions, based on the latest census and research from around the world, Britain would be the third biggest recipient of immigrants between 2010 and 2050.
Some 170,000 migrants a year are expected to go to Spain, 159,000 to Italy, 110,000 to Germany while France and Australia are expected to receive 100,000 migrants each.

Reacting to the UN predictions, Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green said: “This shows why it is more urgent than ever that we introduce proper controls on immigration.

“We want an annual limit on work permits, plus a lower age limit and language tests for those who want to come here to get married. We cannot afford uncontrolled population growth,” Daily Express reported.

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