‘Britain’s immigration pattern constant’


‘Drop in Central and Eastern European immigrants’ 

1st March 2010

The new UK immigration figures indicate that Britain’s long-term migration pattern has been constant. The figures show there has been a drop in the number of asylum seekers, besides central and east European migrants.

Central and Eastern Europe immigrants in the UK have continued to fall, according to the latest figures provided by the Office for National Statistics.

Last year the net migration figure was147, 000 till the month of June. UK  saw 518,000 people coming to the UK to live, work or study and 370,000 leaving to live abroad. The number of new asylum seekers to Britain also fell by 30 per cent in the past year.

The number of people granted British citizenship rose by 58 per cent from 129,375  to  203,865  between 2008 and 2009, although the increase in numbers is behind the overall migration picture, as it takes between three and five years to gain citizenship.

The overall number of UK Visas, including for visitors, students and workers, rose by 2 per cent in 2009  to 1.9 million, including an increase in UK Student Visas from 208,000 to 271,000.

The drop in migrants from Central and Eastern Europe saw only 113,000 people apply to work in Britain under the workers’ registration scheme, compared with 166,000 in 2008.

 Provisional numbers from the office suggest the number of people from these countries fell by a third in the year to June 2009, although overall UK Immigration saw more people entering the UK annually than leaving.

There were only 68,000 new arrivals from the new European Union states, compared with 100,000 in the year to June 2008.

The government uses a variety of statistics to monitor UK immigration rates, including the Worker Registration Scheme (WRS). The WRS counts economic migrants from eight central and eastern European members of the EU. In the last quarter of the year there were 28,495 WRS applications – down slightly on the previous year and almost half the rate in the last three months of 2007.

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