Economic meltdown slows the flows of migrants to UK

Almost 50 per cent of migrants have left with economic meltdown in Britain and modest economic growth in Poland

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8th September 2009:
The economic slowdown has not only left the flows of migrants sluggish, migrants coming to work in the UK from eastern Europe too are finding their way back home.
Even the level of remittances, or the money sent by migrants to their families back home, witnessed a downward trend. But the flow of migrants could change again, if the UK’s economy picks up, a report suggests.
It asserts with fewer opportunities for better life coming their way, once-thriving countries across the world are losing some of their economic lure.
Commissioned by the BBC, the study by the global Migration Policy Institute says EU expansion saw as many as 1.3m east Europeans moving to the UK up to 2008. But, almost 50 per cent of those migrants have now left with the economic meltdown in Britain and modest economic growth in Poland.
The report asserts people are constantly coming and going from Poland, making the migration temporary and circular in nature.
It adds the phenomenon is global and the worldwide commencement of meltdown has resulted in a dramatic decline in the number of people going abroad for work.
Quoting examples, the report says immigration from Mexico into the United States is approximately a quarter of what it was four years ago.
Statistically speaking, the report found migration across the Mexican border went down to 175,000 in the year ending March 2009, from 653,000 in corresponding period in 2004-05.
The report follows another study suggesting migrants contributed £14.2billion in a year to the UK economy, and sent just about £4.1billion back home.

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