Foreign workers at construction sites vulnerable

Fatalities involving migrant workers hover around 17 per cent, mainly Poles, Indians and Romanians

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22nd September 2009
: Nearly four months after a research by the Centre for Corporate Accountability indicated the migrant workers are more prone to accidental death at workplace than the UK employees, another research indicates foreign workers are still vulnerable, but the causalities have, fortunately, not registered an increase during past couple of years. 
The research indicates during the past two years the proportion of total construction worker fatalities involving migrant workers has remained largely the same — around 17 per cent. The proportion of fatal accidents to migrant workers was eight per cent of the total in 2005-06 and 10 per cent the following year.
The research also indicates recession notwithstanding there has been a massive flow of migrant workers onto the construction sites in London in the recent years.
The three largest groups of migrant construction workers as of now are Polish (25 per cent), Indian (eight per cent) and Romanian (six per cent). In all, six per cent of the national construction workforce comprises migrant workers and 40 per cent of London’s construction workforce is from overseas. Approximately 60 per cent of the migrant construction workforce is based at London.
The HSE-commissioned research by Synovate (2009) that suggests foreign workers are vulnerable is available at


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