Foreign workers continue to be preferred ones with 580 jobs a day landing in their laps

Foreign workers continue to be the preferred ones; and the native workers have only themselves to blame.



Statistics reveal an average 580 jobs a day are landing in the laps of foreign workers, while Britain’s unemployment crisis has worsened with 2.67 million currently without work.

And the reason behind the phenomenon is not really hard to analyze. The British Chambers of Commerce, in its report, had only recently made it clear that nearly 60 per cent of businesses with more than 50 employees recruit ‘some migrant workers’ as they ‘are unable to find the skilled workers they need in the UK’.

The report, bringing to the fore the vital role played by the migrant workers, came at a time when figures released by the Office for National Statistics figures showed unemployment has hit a 17-year peak of 2.62million.

The latest figures now reveal the number of British-born workers with a job has gone down by 208,000 last year, official figures revealed.

The ONS reported that unemployment rose by 48,000 in the three months to December to 2.67 million, a jobless rate of 8.4 per cent. It was the worst figure since the end of 1995, although the smallest quarterly rise since last summer, the ONS added.

The continuous downfall in the preference for foreign workers coincides with an increasing preference for the foreign workers. In fact, there was a rise of 212,000 in the number of foreign-born workers hired, figures released by the Office for National Statistics reveal.

Responding to the figures, the Government insisted the labour market was stabilising. Welfare reform minister Lord Freud said: “The latest figures show some encouraging signs of stability despite the challenging economic climate.”

On the other hand,

chairman of campaign group MigrationWatch Sir Andrew Green said: “Given the continued increase in the number of British workers who are unemployed, it seems quite extraordinary that some employers are still employing agencies to recruit workers from overseas.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband too was critical of the situation. He said: “It is a tragedy that so many young people are out of work.”

CBI director-general John Cridland said: “The unemployment situation continues to be very worrying, especially for young people.

“But it’s positive that jobs are being created in the private sector.”

Criticism continues, without going much into the reasons behind the trend. Foreign workers are stated to be hard working, punctual and possess more positive attitude. This has been expressed by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development after their observation that Britain’s schools are not producing good workers.

The trend, otherwise also, may not be a matter of concern. Office of Budget Responsibility has confirmed that only high levels of immigration will ensure economic growth in the UK.


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