Foreign workers’ number surges to record 2.4m, as they return to Britain

Workers’ numbers from Poland, other Eastern European countries rises by 54,000
20th October 2010: Eastern Europeans are finding their way back to Britain.
And, providing a testimony to this effect is an increase in the number of foreign workers. It has hit an all-time high, even as the economy is at a delicate state of recovery.

In fact, the numbers of foreign workers have surged to a record 2.4m, as they return to Britain. Out of the total, the number of Eastern European workers is a record 551,000. Statistics reveal the number of workers from Poland and other Eastern European countries in the EU rose by 54,000 over the three-month period.

The contribution of foreign workers can be gauged from the fact that 2.401million non-UK nationals have been active in the economy between April and June. The number is up by 147,000 on the previous three months.

With this, it is clear that the workforce, comprising foreigners, has increased by more than a million in just about seven years.

Statistically speaking, the total topped 2.4million in the summer of 2010 for the first time after thousands arrived in the spring.

The data on foreigners working in Britain was released, along with unemployment figures, by the Office for National Statistics.

It indicates work is widely available; and the Eastern Europeans are merely taking jobs that local workers are unwilling to do, probably because unemployed Britons consider jobs as too low paid or too demanding.

It puts to the rest the concern over five million not-working British adults. As of now the Government has intensified its efforts to convince them that jobs are preferable to a life of benefits dependency.

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