Foreigners getting `unfair’ share in UK prisons.

Eastern Europeans in UK jails shoot up by 850% in five years

01 March 2011:
Foreigners are getting an unfair share in the UK prisons.
Estimates suggest the number of Eastern Europeans in the UK jails has shot up by a whopping 850% in five years. The jails, as of now, hold inmates from nothing less than 160 countries.

Among the nationalities of the inmates are Jamaica, Nigeria, the Irish Republic, Vietnam, Poland, China, Somalia, Pakistan, India and Romania.

The figures, however, by no means indicate any inclination of any community or nation towards committing crime. Rather, there is no evidence at all to indicate foreign nationals are more likely to take to crime. The number of overseas convicts is only a reflection of a large number of immigrants living in the UK.

In terms of figures, the number of foreigners jailed in the UK between 2004 and 2009 went up from 8,355 to 12,408.

It has all along been asserted that the jails are so jam packed that British convicts are being set at liberty early to make space for them.

Those behind bars face allegations of committing offences right from murder and rape to burglary and drug paddling.

The statistics, obtained under Freedom of Information figures by The Sun, also suggest one in 10 foreigners jailed every year is Polish.

The figures reveal 1,240 Polish lags in 2009, against just 99 Poles banged up in England and Wales in 2004. In terms of percentage, the increase is of 1,153.

The data shows 883 Lithuanians were send behind bars in 2009 against only 105 in 2004.
As many as 326 Latvians were locked up in 2009 against 23 five years earlier. The number of Romanians caged in went up from 180 in 2004 to 880 in 2009.

Damian Green had earlier also asserted Britain has been reduced to the ‘United Nations of crime’.

The fact that criminals from several countries in the world are plying their trade in Britain shows something is very wrong with both our immigration and security policy.

This is a continuing crisis both for the immigration system and the prison system. There are obvious dangers in overloaded prisons, as well as a burden on British taxpayers who have to pay for this.


To read a critique of these numbers, please refer to: ‘The number of Romanians behind bars in Britain: strange figures’



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