Immigration rises by a fifth; Britain gains 650 new citizens a day

Diversity, multiculturalism striking roots in UK like never before

25th February 2011: Diversity and multiculturalism are striking their roots in the UK like never before. Immigration rose by a fifth, after Britain gained 650 new citizens a day
The quarterly immigration figures by the Office for National Statistics show the number of foreigners choosing to settle down in the UK shot up by more than a fifth last year.

Statistically speaking, almost a quarter of a million people were granted settlement. In fact, nothing less than 237,890 people were granted settlement in the UK in 2010. In terms of percentage, the rise is of 22 per cent compared with 194,780 in the previous year. 

It was the highest since records began. Inability of the previous Government to deal with historic asylum claims is believed to be one of the major contributory reasons.

The quarterly immigration figures also showed more foreigners were allowed to stay back. In fact, the number of foreigners leaving the UK, voluntarily or through enforced removals, dipped to 57,085. It was the lowest in five years and 15 per cent down on 2009, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.

The number of work-related cases was also registered an up. It rose 4 per cent to 84,370, compared with 81,185 the previous year.

The stats reveal the figure remained higher than that witnessed in the years 2005 to 2007, even as the number of foreigners being granted UK passports was down 4 per cent to 195,130. In all, 334,815 student visas were issued last year. It was down 2 per cent on 2009.

Reacting to the stats, Immigration Minister Damian Green said: “These statistics reinforce once again why we are radically reforming the immigration system to bring net migration down to the tens of thousands by the end of this Parliament.

“We will continue to exert steady downward pressure to ensure those who come and make a positive contribution to our society are welcomed, those who have no right to be here are refused and those who break our rules are removed.

“We have already introduced an annual limit on economic migration and throughout 2011 will be proposing tighter restrictions on student, marriage and settlement routes which have in the past been subject to widespread abuse.”

Chairman of Migration Watch UK, Sir Andrew Green, said the figures were Labour’s legacy to Britain – 3.2 million immigrants including a quarter of a million in their last year.

Over half a million students in one year, with no interviews before arrival and no checks on departures; and a points-based system that has increased immigration not reduced it.

This is what they called managed migration. It would be hard to imagine after 13 years in charge a more shambolic inheritance, he added.

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