“Life in the UK” test far too easy

Nearly 115,807 pass the test till date this year

12th November 2009: If you are looking for British citizenship, you can take consolation in the fact “Life in the UK” test is not too tough for you too clear.

Already, an estimated 115,807 newcomers have already successfully completed the “Life in the UK” test in the first nine months of this year, leading to conclusions that the test is far too easy. The test is the final step before an outsider is granted British citizenship or indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

The figures have put the ministers in the hot seat. Less than a week after the Labour’s `open-door immigration policy’ received flak from the critics, the home office ministers are again under fire over alleged loose border controls purportedly reflected from the figures.

It is now believed that more than 150,000 immigrants will pass the Government’s controversial citizenship test this year.
Reacting to the figures, Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green said the ministers want to talk tough on immigration these days, but in the real world nothing is changing. The government has let an unprecedented number of people obtain citizenship.

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