Migrant fees from visas gives £300 million to UK

All visas since December 2007 fingerprint-based

29th December 2009: The UK earns £300 million from visas issued to the migrants looking for entry into the UK.

The UK Border Agency, in fact, says migrant fees from visas that are issued contribute £300 million to the UK.

The Agency claims it is extending the number of visitors requiring visas, and 100 per cent of visas issued since December 2007 have been fingerprint-based. `We have enrolled 5 million sets of fingerprints, detecting thousands of false identifies,’ it adds.

If you think the UK is the main destination for asylum seekers, you are wrong. The Agency says there are more asylum claims in France than there are in the UK.

Elaborating, the Home Office says there were only 0.54 asylum applicants per 1,000 members of the UK population in 2008-09.

The Home Office has also described as myth the belief that too many visas are being issued. It has asserted that they refuse about 500,000 visa applications every year.

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